1. Red Rock Group Tax Strategy

    In compliance with the requirements of Schedule 19, Part 2 of the Finance Act 2016, Red Rock Group (“the Group”) presents the Group’s Tax Strategy for the year ending 31 December 2017.  The document sets out the tax strategy and strategic tax objectives of the Group and aims to give direction to the decision makers within the Group and to keep all of our interested stakeholders informed about our approach to managing tax affairs. The Group is committed to being a responsible taxpayer: complying with tax laws and practice at all times, taking reasonable care to reduce tax risks, and paying the correct amount of tax at the right time. We recognise the importance of tax to the economy and believe that a clear and responsible tax strategy is essential to support the sustainability of our business and the growth that the Group aims to achieve in the upcoming years. The strategy applies to all of the Group companies which are incorporated within the United Kingdom. It intends to establish a clear approach to all aspects of compliance, reporting, and payment of all taxes borne and collected by the Group, the principal ones being corporate income taxes, employment taxes, and indirect taxes.

  2. Onshore Scoping Report July 2017

    Inch Cape Offshore Limited (ICOL) intends to apply to East Lothian Council (ELC) for Planning Permission in Principle (PPP) under the Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1997, as amended, for a substation, underground electricity cables, and associated infrastructure (Onshore Transmission Works (OnTW)), associated with ICOL’s Offshore Wind Farm. The Revised Application Site for the OnTW will be located on the site of the former Cockenzie Power Station in East Lothian.

  3. Onshore Community Consultation June 2017

    ICOL intends to submit an application for planning permission in principle for the Inch Cape Onshore Transmission Works associated with its Offshore Wind Farm. Permission for the onshore works was initially granted by East Lothian Council in September 2014 however,  in recognition of feedback from community engagement events, ICOL is promoting a change in location for the onshore works. It is therefore taking forward a new planning application for the transmission works to be located on the site of the former Cockenzie Power Station.

  4. Onshore Community Consultation

    ICOL was established to develop and operate an offshore wind farm located off the Angus coastline and is wholly owned by Red Rock Power Limited. It was initially granted planning permission in principle by East Lothian Council in September 2014 for onshore transmission works between Prestonpans and Cockenzie, which it intends to renew with a new application. The purpose of the renewal application is to seek an extension to the time limit set to move to the next phase of detailed planning in the development of the onshore transmission works. The consultation event was held to ensure the community is informed and given the opportunity to contribute views which will be included as part of the planning application submitted to East Lothian Council. Once the final details of the onshore transmission works are known, ICOL will go through a further application process with East Lothian Council for detailed planning permission.

  5. Transponder Mandatory Zone

    ICOL, jointly with Neart na Gaoithe Offshore Wind Limited (NNGOWL), intends to submit an application to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) for the implementation of a Transponder Mandatory Zone (TMZ) in the airspace surrounding the wind farm. The purpose of this TMZ is to mitigate the impact of the wind turbines on the Air Traffic Control Primary Surveillance Radar at RAF Leuchars.

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