Non Technical Summary

08 July 2013

The purpose of this Non-Technical Summary (NTS) is to summarise the findings of the Environmental Impact Assessment and other key information contained in the Environmental Statement. In this NTS, reference is made to the Development Area which is the offshore area within which the wind turbines, Offshore Substation Platforms and interconnecting cables will be located and to the Offshore Export Cable Corridor which is area between the Development Area and the point where the export cables will reach the coastline (the landfall) in which the Export Cables will be located.

Inch Cape Offshore Limited (ICOL) is making an application under Section 36 of the Electricity Act 1989 to Scottish Ministers (through Marine Scotland) to construct and operate the Inch Cape Offshore Wind Farm which will be located approximately 15 to 22 kilometres (km) to the east of the Angus coastline in Scotland. The Wind Farm has a grid connection agreement for 1,050 Megawatts (MW) and will include up to 213 wind turbines (also known as wind turbine generators) together with associated inter array cabling work.

In addition ICOL require marine licences to construct and operate the Wind Farm and Offshore Transmission Works. The Offshore Transmission Works are required to transmit the generated electricity to the wider electrical network at Cockenzie, and will include offshore substation platforms, interconnecting and Export Cables.

Impacts of the onshore element of the Project have been considered, where required, in the Offshore Environmental Statement to ensure that cumulative effects of the whole Project are considered. A separate planning application and any necessary environmental information will be submitted to East Lothian Council once the details of the Onshore Transmission Works and grid connection have been further developed.

It is expected that the transmission assets will be constructed by ICOL and transferred to an Offshore Transmission Owner for operation and decommissioning as required by legislation.


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Non-Technical Summary A summary of the findings of the Environmental Impact Assessment and other key information contained in the Environmental Statement 25-07-2013 Download file

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