Bell Rock Lighthouse Lidar Deployment

24 September 2014

Inch Cape Lights Up Lidar

Inch Cape Offshore Limited has successfully deployed a lidar unit on the historic Bell Rock lighthouse, approximately 17km off the Angus coast.  A bespoke ZephIR 300 wind measurement Lidar has been mounted on a platform on the north east of the lighthouse using a specially designed support frame. 

The lidar will measure wind direction and wind velocity and will augment wind measurements from onshore sources and from a dedicated offshore met mast that is expected to be installed in October 2014.     The met mast design features a lattice mast and a foundation composed of a steel upper monopile married to a gravity base. Wind data from these sources close to the site provides a real opportunity to enhance the energy assessment and revenue forecasting, which is an essential part of design refinement and overall business case for the project.

Stephen Kerr, Inch Cape Project Director said:

We are delighted that the Lidar unit has been installed safely, on time and is performing well. Wind data collected from this location will greatly enhance our understanding of the conditions offshore. We have worked closely with the team at Northern Lighthouse Board throughout the design and deployment on this iconic lighthouse and thank them for their ongoing support.

The installation of the unit was carried out by SgurrEnergy (a Wood Group company) who designed and fabricated a support structure which secures the ZephIR device near the top of the lighthouse.  The design and installation have been optimised to reduce time spent offshore and minimise impacts on the lighthouse operation and the structure itself.   Successful installation took place over six days and was completed safely by a range of specialists under the supervision of SgurrEnergy and the Northern Lighthouse Board. 

Robbie Gibson, Director of Measurement at SgurrEnergy said:

“This was an exciting and unique offshore installation project and SgurrEnergy worked closely with the Inch Cape team and Northern Lighthouse Board to complete this landmark deployment. The installation of lidar technology onto the Bell Rock lighthouse was a challenging and complex project, due to the age and location of the lighthouse and the restrictive tidal window for access. SgurrEnergy’s offshore engineers and technicians worked together with our parent company, Wood Group, to create a bespoke design and installation for a successful lighthouse deployment.”

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