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The Project

ICOL’s proposed offshore wind farm is located in the North Sea around 15 km off the Angus coastline. The site covers an area of approximately 150 km2 and will consist of turbines supported by fixed foundations and substructures.

A network of low voltage electricity cables will be required to connect the wind turbines to offshore substation platforms. Up to two of these platforms will be required to collect the electricity generated by the wind turbines and convert the electricity to be exported to the national grid.

The export electricity cables will be brought ashore at Cockenzie, in East Lothian, where a short section of underground cables will take the power to an onshore substation for conversion to national grid voltage. A further run of cables will lead to the grid connection point at the existing Cockenzie power station substation.

A lease agreement with The Crown Estate is required and will last for 50 years.

The Project Developer

The project is being developed by Inch Cape Offshore Limited (ICOL) which is 100% owned by Red Rock Power, an Edinburgh-based company established to invest, develop, construct, own and operate clean energy projects.

The company is owned by SDIC Power Holdings Co. of China. Listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, SDIC Power is engaged in the investment, development, construction and operation of power projects. The company owns a total installed capacity of over 27GW across China, more than 60% of which are renewable energy projects, including hydro, onshore wind and solar.

Red Rock Power has already provided significant investment in Scotland through its 25% stake in the Beatrice Offshore Wind Farm which is currently under construction.

Inch Cape Fisheries Liaison  

Inch Cape Offshore Limited (ICOL) wish to work with fishing communities to enable the co-existence of fishing activities and operation of the Inch Cape Offshore wind farm. ICOL have an ambition to identify and train fishermen to perform the Offshore Fisheries Liaison Officer (OFLO) and Fishing Industry Representatives (FIRs) roles on the project.


The project is committed to ensuring that during any offshore works, an Offshore Fisheries Liaison Officer (OFLO) is engaged. Due to the nature of the works it is expected that for certain periods there may be more than one OFLO working offshore at any given time, and due to the 24-hour nature of maritime working, OFLOs may be on rotation.  


It is envisaged that OFLOs will be supported by a network of FIRs present in the fishing communities which may operate in the wind farm site.

The project wishes to have one point of contact to maintain continuity between OFLO rotas, and therefore fishermen are advised to utilise the following duty phone and duty email during any period of active offshore project works (such as during surveys). 


InchCapeOFLO@sff.co.uk   /   Duty Telephone 07955 820651


When active works are not taking place, the duty email and telephone will be manned during normal Monday- Friday office hours.


Invitation to fishermen


The project has identified a need for local Fishing Industry Representatives (FIRs) to work on the project on a part time/adhoc basis to form part of the fishing liaison team. 

The FIRs are shore based and assist in disseminating project information and assist in gathering information, views and feedback from the fishing community. During periods of active offshore work, the FIR will work closely with the OFLO, for instance in disseminating information.


Fishermen and former fishermen in the following regions are invited to apply:


·         Anstruther/Pittenweem/St.Monans/Fife area;

·         Arbroath/Carnoustie/Montrose/Gourdon/Stonehaven/Angus area; and

·         Dunbar/Eyemouth/Cockenzie/Port Seton/East Lothian area 

Following nominations from fishermen, the project will organise a training day/induction day to train FIRs to carry out their role. As the fishing community is widely dispersed over a geographic area, it is important that FIRs understand the duties placed on them, including record keeping, to a minimum standard, lines of communication and understand how their role fits in with other roles within the project.  As a minimum, FIRs need to be able to send and receive email from a smart phone, and be comfortable providing their phone and contact details to the fishing community.  It is expected that FIRs will either be nominated or self-nominate for a given port (e.g. Pittenweem) or type of fishing (e.g. creeling)


If you are interested in being considered please email InchCapefisheries@sff.co.uk or inchcapewind@redrockpower.co.uk to register your interest. Applicants do not need to be a member of SFF to be considered.


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